Garage Technology Ventures

by Bill Reichert

Garage Technology Ventures

GTV invests in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies that will define the next era of innovation. GTV takes a hands-on approach from the very beginning, partnering with talented entrepreneurs to transform their vision into reality.

GTV's venture capital investments cover a broad spectrum of technologies and markets, including software, hardware, telecommunications, application services, materials science, and clean technologies.

Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, spill some beans about his take on an effective investor presentation

Of note is that GTV specializes in early-stage startup investments, therefore Bill's viewpoints might reflect a strong bias towards a pitching style that I would describe as "clean, concise, and to-the-point." I would image Bill gets plenty of pitches all the time, so his style preference is out of necessity and for his time's sake. In honor of his style, I organized his recommendations in the notorious "Do this, not That!" Format. 



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Matrix Partners

by David Skok

Matrix Partners

Matrix Partners are early-stage investors based in San Francisco and Boston. For over 40 years, they've backed founders building companies across B2B, infrastructure and consumer technology. Matrix Partners' current portfolio include companies in the enteprise software, network solution, transportation/logistics, and technology-backed consumer-facing services from rental, meal delivery, to ride sharing and shopping.

David Skok, general partner, highlights three milestones for entrepreneurs who want to raise funding successfully from the seed to the C round.

In his 9/14/2017 blog on, David lists three milestones (see right column) that entrepreneurs must strive to reach in order to impress potential investors, and obviously these milestones are also criteria for VCs to evaluate investment opportunities. These milestones are:

  • Phase I: Search for Product/Market Fit: Investors are looking for early evidence showing a product has met market demand. Signs of such evidence include real customers using the product and raving about it, their willingness to tell investors about business pain points and how the product helps address these pains. A few details would help, such as usage increase, favorable comparison with competing products, and attractive ARR (annual recurring revenue). 

  • Phase II: Search for repeatable, scalable, and profitable growth model: This milestone requires entrepreneurs to demonstrate their ability to repeat their early success at scale, along with showing investors a clear pathway to profitability. The path to profitability is best measured by business bookings that show a consistent pattern of increase over time.
  • Phase III: Acutal execution of scaling-up business and achieving growth. Investors will be more likely interested in hearing about how an entrepreneur plans to add sales and allocate marketing dollars to repeat his success formula.

 David's blog is here .

Echo Health Ventures

Rob Coppedge

About Echo Health Ventures

Echo Health Ventures invests in, builds and grows tomorrow’s great health care companies. We work with our portfolio companies to accelerate their innovations to scale nationally. As stage-agnostic investors, we are committed to a new approach to strategic investing – an approach that brings more than capital to the table, an approach focused on developing deep, high-value relationships with our portfolio companies.

CEO Rob Coppedge Declared that "Winter is Coming" for Digital Health Entreprenuers and Urged Them to Build Sustainable Business

Echo Health Ventures' CEO Rob Coppedge reminded digital health entrepreneurs with a basic lesson of how to build a successful business in his article published on CNBC on September 7, 2017. His key points are:

  • "Considerable capital was burned without building truly sustainable businesses. Many of these have quietly failed and others are - or soon will be - seeking strategic alternatives."

  • "The macro-trends, industry challenges and consumer needs still exist – in fact most have gotten worse during the ramp up of Digital Health investment. 

  • "Many [entrepreneurs] have lacked expertise, underappreciated health care specific workflows, misunderstood the full health care consumer journey, and seriously under-clubbed what it takes to break through enterprise health care sales-cycles."  
  • "Inadequate attention was paid to solving how to go to market," including that "most digital health consumer engagement solutions still struggle with abysmally low engagement rates." 

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Portfolio Companies of Echo Health Ventures