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Key Metrics
VMDOC is a San Jose, CA-based software developer that helps specialty practices communicate, engage, and manage targeted patient populations, particularly the medically supervised weight loss and wellness services providers. It also targets providers specializing in chronic disease management, post-operation recovery, and pain management.
VMDOC argues that there are no standard protocols for patient communications and engagement in these fields. In addition, providers in these service categories usually rely on labor intensive means to manage and communicate to patients. Lack of work flow automation and analytics also hampers these practices’ ability to scale their operation, keep operating cost low, or increase patient retention. 

VMDOC’s modularly designed technology platform aims to address these specialty practices' pain points, and it allows customers to start with a few modules and add more when they become more comfortable or as new needs arise. Two examples are as follows:

  • Doctors affiliated with El Camino Hospital used VMDOC’s Appointment Manager, Reminder, and HIPAA-Communications modules in their own clinics.

  • Practitioners at Regenerative Orthopedic and Performance Medicine elected to use VMDOC’s pre-/post-surgery questionnaires to better understand patient needs before operation, and follow up for better care and prevent unnecessary re-admissions post-surgery.

VMDOC also serves as an aggregator to connect medically supervised weight loss and wellness services providers to ancillary products and service vendors, be they diet plan suppliers, lab test vendors, or lifestyle coaches. These referrals not only help patients improve outcome but also potentially earn affiliate income for weight loss program providers.
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Targeted by VMDOC's Software Platform
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Featured Innovator: 
Key Metrics
Lumiata is a San Mateo, CA-based AI solution provider focused exclusively on healthcare applications.  

Like many AI solution vendors, Lumiata runs a data-as-a-service model and markets its analytics software to health plans, self-insured employers, and health systems. The company promotes heavily its solution's ability to predict consumer's health trajectory and prescribe clinically-relevant actions based on data insights generated from its algorithms.  These insights fall into four categories:  

  • Risk matrix: assessment of patient's health risks, which can help physicians more accurately calculate patient risks and apply a proper RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) score for HCC coding so that physcians can bill for correct reimbursement amount.

  • Care matrix: assessment and identification about care gaps, which can help health systems to target the right patients with care services that either improve outcome or generate new revenues.

  • Utilization matrix: analysis and prediction of a patient's  future health resource utilization so that health plans manage future claims more efficiently and target patients with the most appropriate engagement efforts. 

With proper data (formats, types, & freshness), Lumiata's AI can deliver results in near real-time, which is a great benefit to enterprise customers because they can take actions in a timely fashion—before patient's best engagement moment elapses or prescribed action loses its window of impact.  

Lumiata offers its solution as an enterprise API to its health plans and health systems customers as well as for intergration with 3rd-party data providers.  Its listed customers include Independence Blue Cross, Universal America, and Intellivisit. 
Unstructured data
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Risk prediction model sensitivity (Measured by ROC curves) for Medicare population
Accomplishments & Milestones
Launched its Risk Matrix tool
An advanced predictive tool that calculates an individual’s likely future health state based on associated clinical conditions or diagnoses
Partnerships with Independence Blue Cross and Penn Medicine
Pilot tests with 10+ hospitals
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Key Metrics (健康160网)is a leading digital health solution and service provider in China. Created and operated by Shenzhen, China-based 宁远科技, offers a comprehensive portfolio of consumer-facing and enterprise-grade solutions and services.  

  • For consumers, provides medical appointment booking service, online asynchronous and real-time consultation service, diagnostics report sharing, mobile payment processing, and online pharmacy services. 

  • For care providers and hospitals, develops and manages virtual care platforms that support online service scheduling, virtual visits, concierge physician service delivery, and hospital workload management and workflow triage solutions.

  • Other specialized services include global telemedicine consultation and remote diagnostics, medical tourism services in the U.S., Japan, and Thailand, as well as digital natal and newborn care. 




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Number of Participating Doctors
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Accomplishments & Milestones
Strategic Alliance with Beijing Hyde Kang Jian Information Technology, LTD
Expanding presence to Northern China market
Open Ecosystem Strategy Unveiled
Fostering partnerships with pharma companies, medical device OEMs, wearable brands, private healthcare institutions, and physical exam service providers.
Mobile Payment Launched 
Shenzhen Children's Hospital was the first health institution to enable's in-app mobile payment function, increasinng visit volume 2X and improving patient experience at the same time.